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Guiding our efforts 

Sustainability and Finance Limited Values and principles

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Biodiversity conservation

It's our strongest natural defence against climate change and we support partnerships and business that prioritise biodiversity

Circular economy practices

We embrace and advocate for circular economy principles in the partnerships we make.

Climate resilience

Support initiatives that contribute to building resilience against the impacts of the climate crisis.

Environmental protection

Prioritise partnerships that promote the responsible use and preservation of Earth's natural resources.


Actively seek partnerships involved in innovative technologies that drive the development of cutting-edge solutions to global challenges, contribute to sustainable practices, environmental protection and tackling the climate crisis.

Long term focus

A focus on opportunities with enduring positive impacts, aiming for long term environmental sustainability.


Prioritise partnerships with businesses and opportunities that promote plant based solutions, reducing reliance on animal products and contributing to a more sustainable and cruelty-free world.

Social equity

Seek partnerships with businesses that care about social justice and inclusivity and who care about benefitting their local communities and promoting fair distribution of resources.

Strong ethics and morality

Uphold high ethical standards, transparency, and accountability in all business activities.

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